Why fusionhost

  • Why fusionhost

Why fusionhost

Why choose Fusionhost?

The Fusionhost cloud platform

Data Protection & Compliance

Fusionhost is a privately held company in England. We are commitment to ensure your data is protected at all times and is in compliance with the data and privacy requirements of the data protection act.

Our Control Panel

Our custom made control panel makes light work of managing your web hosting account. You have full control over your web hosting account and if you get just our support team are just a click away.

Our Story

Fusionhost was founded back in 2001. The hosting market was very over-priced with larger web hosting companies dominating the market. Their pricing was extremely high and the levels of service were low. Due to the lack of good competition it allowed these large hosting companies to continue to expand and get away with their over-priced packages and poor services.

Fusionhost was founded with a passionate belief that a web hosting company could be affordable to everyone not just a select few. We wanted to offer products and services to be proud of and to have a customer service team who had a genuine interest in helping customers. But the most important thing was that they spoke plain English to accommodate all types of client’s not just techies.

We started small but we had big plans and determination. We started out with a reseller account from one of the larger web hosting companies. Our plan was simple, undercut and simplify.
By the end of our first year, we had grown from a basic reseller hosting account to running four of our own dedicated servers around the world; London, Toronto and Dallas. We had over a thousand clients and had begun to develop a good reputation within the web hosting industry for providing quality and affordable web hosting.

In late 2009 Fusionhost began to test and trial cloud web hosting in the Iomart Data centre located in London. After our six month program of rigorous testing we decided to build our own cloud data centre using the onApp platform.

The rest of the story, as they say, is history and in 2011 we reopened our virtual doors to our existing customers and new customers. We now own our own cloud data centre which houses all of our hosting services, which currently houses over 500 clients. We have already grown from two employees to over 45 dedicated staff; ranging from the CEO to designers and coders to our SEO guru!

Our original objective is still our driving force, to provide good, solid, fast web hosting backed up by great customer service at an affordable price.

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